Jumping for JOY

Look at this happy girl!  She is jumping for joy, because there is only 2 more days of school....and then it is SUMMER BREAK!  Her heart is so HAPPY, and she can't hide it!  

Sunday started off slowly, as we were a bit exhausted, but soon we headed to the beach so The Hubby could do some surf perch fishing again.  It was Topaz's first real trip to the beach (and probably his last).  He does not enjoy wind, and it is usually windy at the beach. You can see a photo of Topaz and Sugar checking out a log at the beach in the extra photos.  We had a nice time, and the catching was good.  

We had a quiet evening at home.  Sugar had about 40 pages to read to finish up a book for school.  She powered through, and did it.  We went to bed early in hopes of getting some much needed rest.  I had some worry in my heart about Topaz.  His little tummy had bloated up over the weekend, and it just didn't seem right.  I'll be taking him to the vet in the morning. 

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