That's one big sniffer!

I dropped Sugar at school on Monday, and headed to get in line at the Vet's office. It is a drop in clinic, so it is good to be there early.  Little Topaz had a good check up, but he had ear mites, and possibly worms, which were causing the bloated tummy.  So he got some medicine and we were on our way to work.  I got a ton of things accomplished at work, and Topaz provided many smiles. 

We picked up Sugar from swim and headed home.  The Hubby had left to go shrimping, so it was just us girls, and the pets.  We fed the rabbits, chickens, and tended to the strawberries.  Then it was dinner.  Sugar helped make fish tacos, and we devoured them.  Topaz ran around causing trouble.  I had to post another shot of him and Ivy...they are so fun to watch together.  Can't wait to see how they are when he is a bit bigger. 

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