By Livingandloving

Last Day

The last day of 6th grade!  I'm really surprised to find us here.  This school year went by so quickly for me.....not for Sugar, so much, but WOW.....I'm feeling it.  I look at this girl who is so darn tall lately, and I want to push the pause button sooooooo badly.  I don't want time to go so quickly....can't we do this in slow motion????  
I had a meeting at the end of the day, so I was unable to pick her up on her last day, and take to join her friends for ice cream.  She didn't have to miss out though, because I have a wonderful friend.  She made sure Sugar was included, and had a great time, then she dropped her by my office.  We are blessed.  

Topaz still has a BIG belly, but I'm starting to think he just eats too much.  He does love his food!  Silly pot bellied kitten!  See the extra photo to see how Sugar and Topaz are nearly twins these days.  tee hee....same color eyes, at least.  Love my cuties! 

We stopped by her cousin's house on the way home, as Sugar had been dying to show them Topaz.  It was a fun visit, and everyone loved our sweet boy.  Who wouldn't?  

Then it was home for a quick dinner, some snuggles and bedtime.  

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