By Livingandloving

Foxglove Loveliness

Wednesday was pretty much the first day of Summer for Sugar....almost.....sort of!  The All School Pool Party was in the morning, for the first time, I couldn't go and watch....and take pictures.  I had an allllllllllllll day meeting to attend, and I was feeling pretty low about it.  Then I remembered that I'm an adult, and sucked it up.  In fact, I grabbed up Topaz, stuffed him in my sweatshirt, and attended the entire meeting.  Yeah, Me!  I adulted like a boss! 

Sugar had a good time at the party.  She held some diving lessons for her friends, and that was a source of joy.  She spent the afternoon with a friend, and when Topaz, and I picked her up, she had a happy heart.  

We arrived home in time for some sun, baby bunnies, playtime with Topaz, dinner, and a sleepover in mama's bed.  

I grabbed a moment in the yard to snap some shots of the foxgloves. We have so many lovely ones this year.  

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