Flower Shop

Three weary people got ready for work and school today.  BB summed up how we were feeling when he got in the car and burst into tears.  Poor soul was tired and emotional after our wonderfully busy and exhilarating weekend.  Monday morning brought us back down to earth with a bang.

He assured us he was fine so we set off to breakfast club and then the station. 

Work was busy for me, but I didn’t have much energy.  I went out for some fresh air at lunchtime, and made an attempt to look for a birthday present.  I failed on the present front, but it was good to get out for a wee while.  I didn’t feel like staying too late tonight, so left earlier than I usually do on  Monday.

The boys were at football when I got home.  Given BB’s delicate state this morning, TT and I weren’t sure he would have enough energy for football.  But well done him.  As it was a lovely evening, I went out for a walk, as my step count last week was not good.  I blame that on the rain.

I spotted this lovely display outside a shop at Lunchtime.  I will backblip once  I have caught up with my sleep and I have the energy  to look through my photographs.

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