I have walked past them all day full out in flower when the sun was shining.This evening it has clouded up and the flowers have all closed but I thought that they still made a colourful blip.

A busy day.First two batches of Cyclamen treated this morning and the rest of the day getting the hedges around the nursery cut where we can't fit a tractor.Helen and Olga have been on orders most of the day.

Becky called in after doing some volunteering work for the NT in Formby.

Helen has suffered all season with her feet pushing and pulling heavy trolleys of plants on and off wagons and up and down ramps is tough on them.I felt mine pulling under the heel yesterday so decided to treat myself to new supportive walking boots.Working in them all afternoon and they seem ok.

Catch up later I have a lot of work to catch up on this evening.

Warm and windy.Some long sunny intervals.

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