Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day so l'm going to spend a lot of it in my garden, which l've neglected quite a lot recently.
Last year l did say l would enter my garden in the open gardens event that takes place in my village at the end of the month.
Quite honestly it's not up to scratch this year so l'm deferring.
The weather has not helped as it has been less consistent than usual, too dry, too wet, rising and falling temperatures...
Flowers have bloomed then the petals have been quickly washed away by heavy downpours.
Slugs and snails have been more abundant than usual, they've eaten half of my lupins, anemones and lilies.
On the positive side we've seen more hedgehogs and bees.
A good tidy up today will tame the wilderness that's out there.
( see what I did Cailleach?)
A popular feature in gardens this year are these solar powered light bulbs shown here,.
As you can see from this one, it is filled with rainwater but still twinkles every night.
I love how this clematis frond is entwining itself around the dome and how the humidity has made the water droplets form such a beautiful pattern.
As l write this on such a glorious morning l am in despair watching the tragic events unfold on television of the tower block fire in Kensington, London.
There are fatalities, how many is not known at the moment, my thoughts are with all who are affected and once again our praise and thanks go to the fire fighters, police and hospitals.

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