A Walk in the Woods

I like the way the Topaz Simplify filter turned this photo into something different so I chose this one. I was looking down one of the paths at Whatcom Falls Park.

Had a quiet day today. Sent out a bunch of emails to my Christas list to let everybody know about the celebration for Arvin. I never did get to sending my usual end of year email for Christmas 2016. There was just too much going on. So I sent a brief description of what happened and brought everybody up to date about Arvin. I got a call from a good friend on San Juan Island in response to my email. We had a good chat.

I sent back one of the two bags I ordered and then did some retail therapy. I started at Goodwill but didn't find much except some bowls to feed the kitties with. So I proceeded to TJ Maxx and found two pairs of pants, a skirt and a blouse. Also I found a collection of short socks with cat themes. It is rare for me to go shopping when I am feeling a bit blah. But today I made an exception.

Late in the day I took a long walk in the park which is where I took today's blip photo. After that I had a late dinner of left overs and now I'm at my computer and will probably watch some TV soon. I quite like living alone and doing things at my own pace.

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