Day 2 in Amsterdam - Backblip

Day 2 in Amsterdam was more to my liking. I went for a guided tour, it wasn't as hot as the day before and I saw a lot. Not too many photos taken.
Still most impressed by all the cyclists!

It was another long day and I arrived home after midnight and fell in my bed. Too many kilometers for a two-day-trip, I think.
It was a looong bus ride.

And on the bus on the way home I checked the news and found out that Helmut Kohl died. It was still a long way 'til home and I was thinking about Princess Diana - the night she died I was on a bus from Spain crossing France. And even more years back I found out in the school bus that John Lennon was shot.

A few minutes ago I saw Walter Kohl, one of Helmut Kohls sons, on TV. He said he found out about his fathers death by listening to the news in his car around six last night; about the time I too heard it. I don't know what was going on in Helmut Kohls family, but this is really, really sad. I have had Walter Kohls biography sitting on the livingroom table for a while now - it is now time to read it and learn more.

20:15; 21°C - Saturday (backblip)

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