Dad phoned at 4.30 this morning, and did not say anything before hanging up. I rushed to get dressed and ran up to his house. He just felt a bit uncomfortable in bed and wanted to sit in his chair. Afraid I was not too pleased and told him off a bit. Back home after an hour and tried to sleep but failed so got up when Harry got up. I did the washing and a bit of shopping before returning to his house and doing more washing etc. He perked up when Trooping the Colour came on the T.V. He did not want lunch but persuaded to have a sausage and then strawberries and ice cream. I left to go and visit Mum. She was in a fairly good mood for someone who knows so little now. We sat outside in the sun until it got too hot, then went inside and had tea and carrot cake. She got upset when I left. Back to Georges to meet the Occupational therapist and the carer to discuss best ways of moving him around and getting him into bed. Dad then asleep again, so Keith and I came away. I wore the new trainers I bought this morning, they seem comfy. I need to pack as I am off to the Isle of Wight with Rosie and Graham until Wednesday. I think I have organised everything for Dad and Mum whilst I am gone. I really need to get away.

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