Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Teeth - SilS37

I know you're surprised, on hot clear days like this I'm usually to be found blipping on the coast, but today instead I went to see an old friend who is far from well.  It was on the way back from her that I fell over this image for Admirer's wonderful Silly Saturday challenge.

One thing I do have to say about it though yet it's only slightly edited and that through a semi-blue screen.  Yes, folks, my computer is old, hot and grouchy, so this is the best I can do for now.  If it cools down and I can get it to work later, I will take another look and try to adjust.  If not, this should explain both substandard quality and also a slight absence from blip, hopefully not for more than a day or so until I get a new one.

Teeth.  Yes, the name does relate to yesterday because when the wisdom tooth was being extracted Hazel and I had to wait in the park (okay, graveyard) down the road and I wanted to go back and blip there today.  But along the path outside the dentist there are 2 resident cats.  And today this one was lying in the shade in the middle of the pedestrian/cycle traffic just lazing.  Looks rather like s/he needs the dentist too!

I hope you've had a brill day and are enjoying your evening.  I'm turning the computer off for a couple of hours now, to thoroughly cool down, while I listen to the noisy party out the back and the festival out the front :((

I will comment on yours as soon as I can.

Happy days  xx

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