These trees in the nearby town of Lincoln remind me of the walking trees known as Ents in Lord of the Rings.

Today I learned a lot about cleaning the exterior of my house. It was harder and took longer than I anticipated. It's an overdue bit of maintenance now done and I can get on with some others things now that needed me to first clean the exterior cladding and paint work.

I did at times struggle with the extension broom. It had a mind of it's own when it came to tightening the broom head to the pole part, and the extension mechanism. At one point I went next door to borrow the bloke because my hands didn't have the strength to release the lock so I could extend the pole. I have until next autumn to sort it out so there is less wrestling. 

This afternoon friends visited with their bikes so we found the cycle trail through to Lincoln and had a looksey.

Lincoln is an attractive town, more attractive than Rolleston with it's big old trees and colonial period buildings. Rolleston lost many of it's old trees in a fire years ago.

It was cooler than we expected. Once the cloud came in the temperature plummeted. Then back home in poor light to a hot cup of tea.

It's nearly the shortest day of the year. I'll be glad when we've passed that point.

Yawny, yawny, hpx is tired.

Today's gratitude: Friends, old and new.

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