Domestic shadows

One of the many fine things about winter are the shadows. Being in a new home the shadows are all a discovery. In time I'll get to know how they appear in different rooms throughout the seasons, just as I did at my old home.

Anyway, they were a nice diversion from my Saturday morning domestics. 

The pope and I had visitors today, one lot planned and other spontaneous - MrsPuff and Seize the Day. Quite possibly in his little furry mind the visitors do come to have an audience with him. If they feed him a few treats the audience lasts longer :-)

Today's gratitude: For the friendships I'm starting to form with my neighbours. I was part way through a recipe this morning when I realised I had no eggs. I text a couple of my neighbours and one appeared on my door step with an egg. For me it's a symbol of community, of knowing who lives next door and down the road. It's knowing you can call out if you're in need and that someone will look out for you.

I like being part of that.

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