By Eilatanfoto

Da da da da da da da da da....TEQUILA!

Tequila, (not the paint stripper you experienced at that party you'd rather forget), but proper 'sip it and enjoy it' Tequila, is one of life's great pleasures. Add to this food you can eat whilst walking, and clothing sufficiently colourful that you don't immediately notice any food dropped whilst dancing, and you have the Mexican Festival 2012.

For the duration of a welcoming Spring afternoon, Federation Square came to life to the sounds of Salsa and Mariachi bands, the scene punctuated by sombreros and wrestling masks, and stalls selling anything and everything....as long as it was bright and colourful (For example: Today's blip)! Highlights included all of the above (did I mention the Tequila) and the 40 odd pirates (yes, you read right, pirates - and before you ask, I saw them pre-Tequila) that wandered through on their way to a treasure hunt ....

A standard Melbourne Sunday really :)

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