Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Tufted Titmouse

This youngster - and I say "youngster" not because I absolutely know that to be the case, but because he seemed to be asking to be fed even after the other tufted titmouse that was next to him (before I managed to get my camera raised) had left - plus he has that bit of remaining yellow "gape" showing in the corner of his mouth - was apparently being shown the ropes vis-a-vis the place where the lady places the sunflower seeds. He watched his parent grab a seed and eat it, and then grab another and fly away. And then he looked and he begged and he looked some more. Finally he hopped down as he'd been shown how to, and picked up a sunflower seed heart and flew back up to the perch and held it between his feet and pounded on it! Just like a real grown-up titmouse! Charming - it was totally charming.

Blipping early today because I'll be off later this afternoon to attend some kind of theatrical event that starts at 5:00. Seems an odd hour, but what do I know? There's a wee reception afterwards, but I hope to be home early. That said, there will likely be not much commenting happening today. And as I have another social event tomorrow - what is going on??? - there won't be much tomorrow either! Hey ho, what can you do?

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