Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Morning Walk

As we started up the path along the edge of the big hayfield this morning we were initially startled by a rabbit that jumped out of our way and into the trees that edge the field. Then a few moments later a deer popped out of the trees and jumped across in front of us, followed shortly by a second. A few paces further along another pair of deer emerged and followed the other two. And then this final one that I managed to capture in mid-leap with my iPhone. I never carry my big camera with me anymore - it's too a) heavy, b) annoying to juggle with a dog on a leash in one hand, and c) irritating to The Husband when I stop to take a photo. Of course, he finds the iPhone equally irritating, but one must occasionally take a photo and carry at least a phone to do it with! I cropped The Husband's head out of this, btw. Hahahahaha!

The hayfield would ordinarily have been cut by now - not sure what's going on. Whatever it is, I'm enjoying the weeds and wildflowers that are providing habitat for a lot of creatures both four legged and winged!

Blipping early again today because I'll be off to a birthday party for my friend Donna - one of the ladies with whom I dine monthly - this evening. She is throwing the party for herself, as you do. Or as she does.  I can't say as I do. 

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