Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Once A Week 2017 ~ #21 ~ 10:03 AM

A somewhat less humid day today, which is always a big improvement. Also not quite as hot as the past few days ~ right now it's about 80 ℉ ~ which nice as well.

The yellow looking *grass* is actually hay that they've usually cut by now. Why is no one cutting hay? I think a different farmer cuts this hay than the one that has been cutting the field we walk through on our morning walks, but neither of them seem to be in any hurry. The lawn service person who mows the *lawn* across the road (in the photo) was hard at work on his riding mower just now when I went back down to get the mail out of the box.

Have I ever said? I think I have, but I'll say it again ~ this property across the street, which includes a big house that we can't actually see until we drive partway up the road ~ belongs to some people who live in California and only come here in the Spring and the Fall when the weather usually appeals to them.

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