One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

And relax...

They're gone. 
What a relief. 
A poor, psychologically scarred, Oscar with tons of issues, not least his many nocturnal panic attacks (some sort of warning would have been a nice touch...)
And a sulky, spoiled-bratty Leonel who very nearly got a couple of slaps with his nighttime chamomile. 
This coupled with an unprecedented heatwave (thermometer reaching 26 Celsius during the day on Saturday, and not dropping below 14 during the night!), and Finnzy-Bob falling victim to a nasty fever-inducing bug (not the sun stroke originally diagnosed by Mrs Raheny in a total state of panic at 3 AM), meant that the levels of energy were pretty low this afternoon, in the continuing heatwave (24 degrees still, and no clouds in sight). 
They're gone.
Thank fuck for that. 

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