One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Hot boy

Poor little thing. 
He missed/is going to miss the two events he was so anxious about: the football club mini-world cup (he played the first two sessions - 5 matches - but missed the last one when his team - Brazil - beat Italy 3-1 in the final). 
And Spraga, the graduation from junior to senior cycle. 
Due to take place tomorrow morning. But since his fever was still almost at 39 this evening, tomorrow will mostly be about recovering, drinking flat 7UP and watching Father Ted episodes. Like today. 

Went for a very enjoyable kayaking session with Luca in the evening. He enjoyed the semi-surprise capsize exercise. I enjoyed it too. 
Until I realised my phone was no longer around my neck. Just a broken lanyard. 
Much swearing ensued. Luca was surprisingly even more upset than I was. 
Until I realised that the phone had fallen in the kayak, and was there on the seat. Lucky escape. 
Then we did a few dives from the pier. I even managed to show off with a rather decent front somersault. 

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