The man on the bridge

Meeting this man on the bridge at Burnsall was not embarrassing but meeting the grinning farmers later on, well...

Cycling by 7 this morning meant I could get to Burnsall, maybe eke out a hill or two and get back in time to shower & pack before heading off to Rich's parents before noon.

This guy wandered out for a breakfast cigarette-with-a-view on the Burnsall bridge as I was eating a bar and taking some photos. He was on holiday and had timed his long stay up here with some great weather, although the sun hadn't surfaced yet today.

I headed back over Storiths, fancied Langbar and moseyed on over the Cow & Calf almost all before 10. 

But it was coming down Langbar that caused me the embarrassment. Rich has a new bike so I blame him for joking about nicknaming it Grease Lightening. Because I was singing it. 

Now, it's not just that I wasn't singing it very well, that's normal. But, for some strange reason I was doing some of the dance hand moves with my left hand. That is a first! And a last! 

Right at that moment, I noticed them at work in the field. 
Farmers. Three of them.
And they'd noticed me too!

Why, oh why?! 

Well, one in particular just stood there grinning from ear to ear. Luckily, I was on the vaguely downhill bit and just grinned back but I squirmed, squawked and squeaked the whole rest of the way to the Cow & Calf where the effort of going back uphill helped me forget the little incident.

Now in NP in a heatwave about to organise the traditional Chinese before the grand family visit tomorrow.

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