By SecondSeason

Father's Day

This hunk of burnin’ love right here is my man and Father to our 3 kids.  Well, they were kids, but then we helped them grow up into adults.  Pretty good ones too. ;)  He is a hunter/gatherer, provider, personal gardener/landscaper, lover and loved by many, my ROCK and a stellar Dad to our kids.  He works hard putting in 12-14 hour days as a trucker and as shown here, even mends his own clothes!  I can’t sew worth s**t and have fond memories of our kids handing him ripped jeans or toe worn socks to mend when they were younger.  Talented guy.  Now the grandkids bring him stuff to sew and repair.  Love it!  

So today, I celebrate this amazing man and am thankful that our paths crossed many moons ago.  

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there! 

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