Eastern Wood Pee Wee

I find these little flycatchers difficult to identify, but this one had an orange underside to its beak, (more visible in some of the other shots I took) so I think I have nailed the ID accurately.  I waited and waited as I hoped to at least catch it with an insect in its mouth, but it must have had its fill before I got there. 

I went to a yoga class this morning before I went out with my camera.  I am trying to increase to two classes a week.  I am hoping that it will help with some of the stress and anxiety I feel about the current situation in our government.  The daily onslaught of craziness and negativity is taking a toll on me, I fear.  

Thanks so much for the comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's tiny long-legged fly.  They are funny-looking little things, aren't they? 

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