An ambition fulfilled ...

During my many visits to se my sister in Canada I have rarely see the humming birds which visit here during the summer months. My mother had always told me how beautiful they were and I have long wanted to capture a humming bird in flight or more realistically hovering alongside a feeder. Therefore I was delighted to see that they were regularly visiting the feeders on this visit. Yesterday I managed to capture one perched on a tree and today I was determined to capture one at the feeder.

Fortunately it was warm enough in the afternoon for us to sit out in the deck and I seated myself strategically so I could get a good view of the feeder and set a manual focus on the feeder. However, the humming birds has to fly over me to get to the feeder and as soon as I raised my camera they were off. After about three quarters of an hour in which I did not get even a glimpse of them in my viewfinder I decided to change my seating position and moved behind a hanging basket of fuschias but with a clear view of the feeder. Almost immediately the humming birds began to settle at the feeder and I managed to take several 4K video shots from which I could extract still image. So voila , here is one of my shots. A bear and a humming bird this visit, what more could I ask, well maybe a little more sunshine !

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