Friendship of Strangers 2

Sounds like a film title, but Friendship of Strangers is the name of one of the climbing roses in the courtyard. Off-white flowers, pinky-orange buds and the most beautiful scent - oh, and wonderful orange hips in the autumn. A delightful rose!

It's been a frantically busy day! Producing reports at work. Home and straight out for the yearly hypertension review with the local vampire practice nurse. (A few lessons from Dracula would't go amiss - now have an impressive bruise on my arm!) Dropped off my newly washed winter jacket with a friend - she's kindly drying it in her tumbler, as per the washing instructions. Home again, via the shop. A walk on the Common with MrM and Louie, including some squirrel watching. Just time for a quick meal before heading outside again to put a bit more paint on the courtyard wall - still not finished, but the rest will have to wait a day or two now. Came indoors to tidy the kitchen as the light was beginning to fade... didn't realise it was so late! These long, summer evenings are just wonderful.

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