The kit

Another day spent mostly going up and down the step ladder, this time painting over the filler and caulking that I put in yesterday. Actually ventured out of the house today though - Tai Chi this afternoon. Very few steps recorded on my step counter over the last couple of days, mainly as I forget to transfer it to my 'decorating' jeans, but surely I must have climbed the equivalent of Everest (possibly!) on the ladder.

MrM and I decided to go for a walk this evening, and went round the Common intending to carry on through the woods and up the hill. But it started to rain heavily, and the second part of the walk was abandoned. Late evening, still pouring with rain, and no blip, so here's a quick shot of the block printing kit that was a Christmas gift from MrM. Feel guilty every time I catch sight of the box, as I haven't yet used the kit. Block printing is something that I'd never considered doing, but maybe I should have a go - though maybe it will have to wait until after the festival season...

Note to self: DO NOT listen to the Jeremy Vine Show when decorating. Getting angry with politicians is not helpful when attempting to paint straight lines!

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