Rosa glauca

In previous years, there have been very few flowers on the Rosa glauca in the courtyard. This year, it's covered with flowers, despite attempts by Saturday's storm to batter them off the shrub!

Panic in the house this morning! For a while, the reception on our TV has not been wonderful and, over the weekend, it deteriorated horribly. Last night no channels were detected, and it was the same this morning. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but MrM was really looking forward to watching this evening's World Cup match, England vs Tunisia. Horror of horrors, he thought he would miss it - until we realised that he could watch live on iPlayer! Phew!
And the nice man on the Freeview helpline is sending us a filter for the TV - it seems that a new 4G mast in the area could be the cause of the problem...

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