By snailspace

They are out there somewhere

 I was roused from my sleep this morning by my DH nuzzling in my ear and uttering those tender words... "There are Orca at Loth, NOW" and thus began my day - without a shower, without a coffee and without my breakfast. 

I dressed hastily, whilst issuing instructions to Mr L: "Put the tripod in the car!" and  "Find my big lens, please" and "don't forget your binoculars!"

The sun was shining but I popped a sweatshirt on, expecting a little breeze down at Loth. By the time that we arrived the sun had disappeared and the breeze had stiffened. It was nithering.

The Orca had been spotted from the morning's plane and the message had gone out to our Ranger, Emma. She in turn posted the alert to our local Facebook Group and that was where my D,H a Facebook member for all of, what, two days? saw it.

Having hot-footed it to the car park at the ferry terminal at Loth, we were the first to join Emma and her partner but others soon followed. We were all rewarded by sight, though distant, of the pod that was sporting just off Eday.

That's it, at last. I have been looking for almost 11 years now but finally, I have seen them. I am a happy woman.

Many thanks to Emma for the alert.

Considering a trip to town tomorrow. If I go, the camera will come with me as if there are Orca about, the chances of spotting from the boat are high.

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