A messy leafcutter

I'm persevering with the macro setting on my new Olympus with mixed results, although it does blur the background much better than my little Lumix.  I can feel a macro lens coming on.

An early walk through the parkland where I chased numerous butterflies, without success, and then up the road and into the wood.  A comma or fritillary was dancing through the trees but wouldn't come down and then I tried to home in on a hornet but that wouldn't stay still either.

On the way home I called at a friend's and had a quick cold drink before heading back for lunch and the tennis.  As I was hanging out the washing, which I'd forgotten about earlier, I noticed a leafcutter bee was busy in the bug house, although it wasn't picking up the bits of leaves it kept dropping, it just headed off to demolish more leaves from another unfortunate plant.  The other holes that have been glued up with mud are apparently mason bees.  I learn something new every day (and promptly forget it).

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