John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Backstage--NG Ireland

This morning we visited the  to see the marvelous exhibition on Vermeer and his contemporaries which I had seen alone in Paris last March;  Marylee was ill that morning, and the experience was mixed for me also because the gallery lights went out for at least 30 minutes. Much better this time--the curators had wonderfully hung hung the paintings in just six galleries, each clearly arranged to show the relationships between the artists for each theme depicted. The gallery has put up a truly superb  interactive site exploring those artistic relationship (you can skip the film by clicking start).
This very mundane blip shows the crane used to manage lights  etc. on the gallery's ceilings; it's stored next to a corridor; its somewhat surreal aura is due to the dim light and my feeble camera.   (Posted next day)

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