Camera Captured Cameraria

I'm still all behind like the cow's tail with catching up with comments but I've decided to post my blip and get to bed.

I took the image in the middle today. It's not great as the miniscule moth, smaller than an ant, wouldn't keep still. I'm 99% sure that it's a Cameraria ohridella horse chestnut leaf miner moth. I've decided to post it and the damage done by its larvae as I thought it would be of interest to blippers. It's such a shame that the leaves on horse chestnut trees all over the country are already brown as if it's autumn in midsummer. :( The image on the left is how the mined leaves look on the surface. The right hand image is of the underside held up to the light. The larvae can be seen.

Today's poem is You will hear thunder and remember me by Anna Akhmatova.

AA was a woman who endured great hardship under Stalin's regime. She was able to put her feelings into words in a way that people understood and with which they identified. She had many admirers, particularly young poets. I think this poem is directed at them. 

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