Hacienda classical was great and Rowetta was sensational singing You Got The Love.
Kris Kristofferson with surprise guest Johnny Depp, omg!!! Kris was charming, 81 yesterday, obviously somewhat forgetful and the voice isn't what it was but it was lovely and I found it rather moving.

Rachael had a bad neck and we all had different things we wanted to see so I mainly spent the day with Simone.

Saw Max and Zeb who seem to be having fun!

Simone and I wanted to see Billy Bragg and he did not disappoint! Walked past Radiohead on the way back, boring and depressing dirge.

New record out today!

My new track 'Keep on Lovin' Me' with Paul Morrell is out via Somn'thing Records today exclusively on Beatport. K. x Listen to the single now on SPOTIFY or get the mixes here ---->

Back at base bourbon and chats with Sally and some Glasto tv.

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