By CleanSteve

Caspar at the market

Today was the monthly Farmer's Market in Nailsworth and I drove Helena over so she could run her stall there as usual, and now she has a new neighbour at the next stall. Caspar has a business making and selling vegan food, and it smelled delicious. I didn't have time to try it then, but when I returned to pick Helena up when the market closed, Caspar kindly offered to give us some to try at home. We've now been able to savour the food which comprises a mix of quinoa and vegetables beautifully flavoured with a special blend of Caspar's own spice mix.

As we were leaving I asked Caspar if I could take his picture and he kindly agreed, even though he isn't usually keen to be the subject. I also managed to get a picture of his very young daughter who arrived at the same time with her mother L.. I'm sure we shall see them again quite soon. There might be a holiday in between though.

I was a bit annoyed with myself. I didn't check the camera before taking the picture, which was a bit of a snap. For some reason the ISO setting had been moved to an Auto mode and set itself to a very high level. I really must be more attentive to such things.

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