Breakfast Time ...

I cleaned the hamsters and Fudge out this morning, they loved being cleaned out and getting lots of goodies to eat.

The hamsters make me laugh how they fill there little pouches with food as if they have never been fed before, then they try to wiggle into their little houses which they find hard to do as their pouches are that full of food, haha.

This is Toffee she normally is very lady like when she eats, but she has got some seeds and white chocolate buttons leftover from Christmas so I will excuse her this time, haha.

Fudge on the other hand like to help, well his helping is really hindering to me, but he doesnt know that does he Bless Him.

I am going on a Creative Photography Course this evening for four weeks, should be fun, I can not wait.

I just eat and sleep photography, I even wake up in the middle of the night at times thinking of a good idea to take photographs of.

Am I sad or just addicted?


I just noticed that my year ago blip is of Nugget Kierans hamster, she is so sweet.

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