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20th June 2017:

When we decided to assist some poor remote people in Malawi way back in 2005, we decided to have no strategic plans or developed world notions, instead relying on the fact that poor people have their own ideas and maybe dreams of what their needs are.

We are delighted to report that this approach has worked and apart from our main focus on clean water we do lots of other stuff as well.
Our conviction that no development is possible without clean water has changed the lives of our 600,000 of the poorest, but women in villages had a wish list for preschools adult education, seedlings, farming systems, irrigation and more besides, so we just helped.
Women and girls in Malawi are slaves to carrying water all day everyday, but now we realise that firewood for cooking is becoming a major issue as well, se we are on it.

Alfred Wrote:

Hi Boss,


We had a meeting in EHEHLENI MZIMBA on 20th June, 2017. The main purpose of holding this meeting mainly was for two reasons :
1 To answer their request concerning water problem in their area.

2 To encourage them grow trees and how to plant and how to care for these trees.
We were warmly welcomed by the gathering who attended the meeting. Some people who came to the meeting were :The Group Village Headmen, Chiefs, Environmental officer, The heads of the C.B.Os, C.B.C.C committees and individuals. There was over 500 people who attended the function.
First to speak was Adamson who put much emphasis on the goodness of growing trees. Since everywhere in MALAWI, there is deforestation, he encouraged the communities to grow more trees through their chiefs. He taught them how to mix soil, sand and manure for potting and how to grow seeds in the tubes and watering and care. They were extremely happy to hear that that they will be given free seeds and seedlings.
Next to speak was Harrisen who enlightened them that using watering cans while watering is the thing of the past now modern people are using Irrigation pumps. Everyone was happy to hear about this modern method of watering. They have promised to buy some of our very inexpensive irriigation pumps, when the dry season comes.
I was the last to speak. I started by asking them how big was the water problem in their area. Each and everyone in the meeting agreed that the water problem in the area is pathetic and they need a quick help. I told them how our pump works and added that its for free. Everyone in the room was so happy and clapping of hands were everywhere. Then questions started, many wanted to know what they are supposed to do and what help W4Z give to them so that they qualified to be given a pump. I replied to them that they should do the following things :
They should dig a well, they should collect sand, they should gather bricks and collect quarry stones. They promised that they will do these things as quickly as possible. They will also care for the builder if necessary. I also taught them how to dig Wells, giving them the required measurements. Lastly, we had a good time to take group photos with the gathering.
All in all, people in this area warmly welcomed our projects in the area.


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