Linking with Social Welfare people

22 nd June 2017:

This can often be the welcome to a new area.

Miriam writes:
Hello Boss,
Florence and I were invited by the new head of Social Welfare after they heard what Wells for Zoë  about pre schools in his working  area, Lusangazi 5 pre schools and Bala 9 pre schools and other areas.
So he has asked us to assist them in terms of training and any help which we can manage. He also said that these communities have potential on developing their area and the caregivers are working as volunteers but they are doing very well though no training, some are the girls who have MSCE who have nothing to do, are willing to volunteer as well.
Then he said he can help us to find people to sow  our seedlings by linking us with other organisations. And he said some areas are very interested with agro forestry under Kampingo SIbande who is a senior Group village. So he said he can help us to link with these communities as we are now aligned with him, but they will be no  costs as some guys were looking for in past.
We have a plan that Friday we should meet the community of Lusangazi with him.

And the District Officer was reminding us about introduction letter to open our file, so that  if a new Officer can come in their office, would recognise us through our file and continue working hand in hand.

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