happy Chloe in a boat

This was my favorite photo from yesterday. Sweet Chloe with the breeze on her face, sitting in the front of our new boat! I'll add a couple more photos of the day to the "extras".

We got the boat on Friday and took it out for test runs, but Saturday we planned to go a little further. We even went to De Soto national Memorial and stopped by my Mom's in the boat! I don't usually clamor for longer boat rides, so that should tell you how much I like our new Scout boat! Steve says,"well of course! This is a real boat!" 

Going out, we have run into choppy water and boat wakes, mostly on the Manatee River, but this boat handles them so well I don't even really mind. Just ask Steve, I used to 'squeal' quite a bit in these conditions before, in a smaller boat. I can totally see - now that we have fallen into a new boat that is more comfortable for me, I am going to want to spend more time with Steve out in the boat. Did he plan it this way??!  Truthfully, the idea of getting this boat came from me! You can see the story from the beginning, only 2 weeks ago in these blips. Today I so loved being out there, taking photos of the water & sky, watching the birds, seeing dolphins, looking at the trees and feeling the wind on my face. Chloe's got it right! 
A few more pics of our first excursion in the extras . . . . 

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