Food from the heart - Delicious memories

We've moved to another hotel, more inland in Portugal, this is where DJ has to speak at a course tonight. The tray with cookies and the two glasses of port were our welcoming gift in the room, but it's still a bit early for port :-)
For today's MonoMonday dollykgray, our host has asked us to post something related to our '15 minutes of fame' :-)  Now already 7 years ago I was very busy with food and still life photography for a coffee table book filled with favourite family recipes from Singapore VIP's, from ministers, ambassadors, actors, singers to chefs and other local celebs. The book was for a charity called Food from the Heart, which collected bread and other foodstuffs that otherwise may be wasted to distribute daily amongst people who may need it. The protagonists in the book not only shared their favourite recipes, we had photoshoots at their homes, tasted their recipes and they did contribute money towards the printing of the book, so that all the proceeds from selling it would go to the charity. It was great fun working on the book. Apart from capturing the food and still lifes I did most of the photo editing in the book, so that's where my love for photo editing started !
As I'm far from home I can't Blip an image of the actual book, but you can find a photo of the book here, a review of the book  here and photos of the book launch here.

Enough talking of me, over to the results of last week's Abstract Thursday now ! You were again terrific, 72 entries and so very creative too ! I have managed to pick out 5, but it really was difficult again.

Rainie   for the soft blurry insides of a glass and the refractions through it
Missycat  for her world inside a bubble
Lsquare   for climbing into a playscape for her Blip :-)
Davidc  for being very creative with a plastic bag and
holliegirl  for a brilliant drop illusion

Thank you all so much for joining in. We're starting the 3rd year of Abstract Thursdays this coming Thursday with the theme of 'travel' and the tag of AT105, I'm looking forward to your travel abstracts :-)

Thank you so much for your kind comments and stars for my Blips these past days while we're travelling. We'll be back home tomorrow night and hopefully I'll be better at commenting then

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