A legend in my own lunchtime (MM179)

is the nearest I'll ever get to being famous ... and even then not for the full 15 minutes!  Post bike ride coffee in the garden before I bank a couple of hours sleep as I am at work overnight.

I did once appear on the TV news for around 20 seconds ... walking into the hold on a Polish fishing boat stuck in Lerwick harbour when Poland was going through it's post communism changes and had problems paying the bills.  The boat was stuck without enough fuel to get home and no way of paying for what they needed.  The islanders looked after the crew with donations of food.  One of my colleagues was a part time stringer for BBC Scotland and went to film a news item with the local reporter.  The crew were understandably not keen on walking into the hold with it's population of rats so I 'volunteered' and was on the BBC Scotland evening news!

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