An eventful Sunday!

Sunday 25th June 2017      (backblip)

Hubby had just got back from town after fetching a couple of bits for Mum when the birds suddenly scattered!

One of the Collared Doves even flew into the window in its haste!

We looked out to see what had caused the frantic mass exodus ....... to our amazement there was a Peregrine Falcon sitting on the garden fence! We could hardly believe our eyes ...... dashed for the camera .... but too late ..... it had already flown off! It was probably off to find its lunch elsewhere as it left with empty talons!

Although the sky was very overcast we decided to risk a walk in the afternoon ....... so we headed off to Westgate Wood ...... so pleased we did as that proved quite eventful too!

As well as the usual birds we also saw Reed Bunting ..... this Whitethroat (Left) & I actually managed to get this Kestrel hovering!

We then saw a Buzzard which landed in a tree .... we stood & watched the Kestrels mobbing it for quite a while ..... presumably protecting their young!

Extra: Top left - Small Skipper
           Top Right - Ringlet
           Bottom L - Hoverflies on a flower ..... not sure what flower ??????
           Bottom R - Hazel Nuts in the making!

Made it home just as it started to rain ..... great timing!

We later watched the Grand Prix (having recorded it) ...... that was a very eventful race ..... so all in all quite an exciting day!

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