Qu'est-ce que je fais ?

By waitingforgodot


I took a long walk to the Riversdale part of town, considered the hipper, hipster part of town. then I kept walking out 20 Street W until just past where the tracks crossed the road. I was surprised to see two Ukranian churches within a mile of each other.

Later in the evening, R and I went to see Wild At Heart at the Broadway Theatre, which was running a David Lynch festival. Surprisingly, there were only twenty or so people in the theatre. I hadn't previously seen this film. It wasn't a great, but it was full of black humour and had its moments, and it did get me to think a bit about relationships and all that we do or don't do for love.

I walked R home and headed back to my Airbnb host's apartment, where I played a little bit with one of the friendliest cats in the world before turning in.

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