Blipmeet in Portland!

Dear Diary,

I had a wonderful blipmeet with Lars and Ulrike from Norway who came to the states this past weekend.  We met up in Portland for lunch at my favorite seafood restaurant, DiMillo's, and then they came to my house to spend the night.  Oh, we talked and talked and talked!

I think this is the most wonderful thing about Blipfoto, meeting people from all over the world, sharing stories and learning how others live.  We have photography in common and that is the very best starting point I find.

I was once asked by someone about how you can meet and stay with people you don't "know", whom you only know through this internet relationship.  My answer was quite simple.  I know these people as well as I know my friends because I know them through their photographs.  I have always said that you are your photographs and by looking at theirs day by day I know who they are.

They are now off to drive through New Hampshire and Vermont to go to upstate New York where Lars attended his last year of high school as an exchange student.  Ulrike wants very much to go to New Orleans.  I wish them safe journeys and wonderful adventures and hope they will come back to Maine someday so I can really show them my beautiful state.

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