Sally's Garden

Dear Diary,

In the end I decided not to make the one hour drive to NH, as much as I wanted to visit my cousins. I was just too worn out after Saturday's event and all the clean-up Sunday morning. I went instead to visit Sally's garden. She was on the tour but I hadn't had a chance to see it. The slogan for our tour was a quote from Sydney Eddison, "Gardens are a form of autobiography." It certainly fits Sally's garden.

When she acquired the property it was the site of a junk yard. She decided to embrace it and used a lot of the discarded pieces she found to make sculptures for her garden. It is very creative and whimsical and great fun to wander through. Around the rusted and chrome pieces Sally grows Maine native plants. She used the hundreds of bottles she found on the property to edge some of the beds. I really loved that idea. (Extra photo) When life gives you junk you make a garden with it!

I treated myself to lunch at my favorite seafood restaurant and I spent the rest of the day reading on the porch. I will ride over to NH later in the week. We have our fingers crossed for some much needed rain tomorrow and today Greg is stopping by to hook up my new infrared grill on the patio. Slow and easy is the by-word for this week!

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