Sinds Saterday I had pain between my shoulders when I was showering. At once it was there, a heavy pain. Sunday my left arm also much pain and more. Yesterday it was more or less gone, but this afternoon it started again. My own doctor is on holyday so needed to go to another doctor. She sended me after examen me to the hospital to examen my heart. Nice people took care of me. Scared I felt, being there alone, what is wrong. They examened everything and my blood also. Talked to me also about stress, well could I tell a lot about stress the last 1,5 year here.  They could not find something wrong with my heart now, but need to go to a cardioloog later to make more tests. In both families mother and father there are heart problems. When I got the result and knew it looks good I took my old camera out of my bag to make the blip for today. People there are very nice but I never want to be there again not knowing if something is wrong with my heart, still can be I was told. My blood looks like I am someone who is 18, nothing wrong with that. Good to hear when you are 59.

Thanks for the lovely comments on yeaterday's blip. Much appreciated.

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