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By HeidiAndDolly

I Only Go For The Treats

"Mum! I don't NEED to go for a checkup. I'm FINE!! Can't I just stay right here in the car??"

Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting!

Apparently after my dental op a week ago I have to go back for THREE checkups!! Can you believe it? Today was checkup number 2 and I have ANOTHER one next week! My favourite Dr Kate is on holiday so I had to see a different Vet. She was OK but I did NOT want her to look in my mouth! I put up a pretty good fight and Mum said I didn't really deserve any treats, but thankfully my good friend, Anne-Marie the receptionist, thought otherwise and I got LOTS of treats! Brilliant!

We met this GIANT dog! I wish Mum had got a picture of us together! I was super excited! I LOVE big dogs!! (See my blip from June 22) His mum said he's a Rhodesian ridge-back. He also got some treats.

Later on this evening we had a nice walkie. Mum wanted to just blip this sunset. I said NO WAY!! But I let her add it to the corner of MY blip!

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