Day 10 - Roof but Day 3 PV

Despite snow, Electrician Stefan came to do some more work on preparing the PV for day the panels are put on the roof.

Much of the day setting up various communication systems for the unit.

The large white cupboard is for all the fuses, trip switches, power surge switches, meters etc. One day will blip the contents.

On the bottom right, the large 9kW Mercedes Benz battery.

On the bottom left, the yellow SMA battery inverter which converts/controls the PV panel power with the battery and our normal usage and the excess energy being put in the electricity grid.

On the top right, all the little things that actually are very important including our normal telephone/DSL internet router and various control and communication units which will make the set up "smart".

He spent quite a bit of time on the phone with support staff from SMA and Mercedes Benz to configure the system, even though we still don't have a "drop" of power coming from the roof. Both he and I (listening as the phone was on loudspeaker) were absolutely amazed at the incredibly competent, patient and understanding approach the support staff of both SMA and especially Mercedes Benz were.

I was so impressed, I wrote a note of praise on the M-Benz Energy  "Contact" webpage. However in the coming days and weeks was never to get a reply even though I had an automatic confirmation via email that they had received my comment. Strange.

By afternoon, could see and "manage" the unit on PC and on mobile phone although there is no "action". And importantly the engineers at SMA & MB can "see" the unit  and provide online support.

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