It WOULD be funny...

... If I wasn't so bloody SAD.

Way back in the "Hists of mistory" I saw a car sticker, thusly worded. 
Seek as I might I never did locate a retail source.
I had a bit of a "deek aboot" online and found a manufacturer who would custom build one. Given, of course, a minimum order. (Which wasn't a stupidly LARGE number)
When we last changed cars (2010) I couldn't find any more, so were Lertless for several years.
As the odd "regular" will be aware, Alice shuffled off this mortal coil...
@ 21:00 on 5-12-16.
I've finished (I hope) going through drawers and have turned my attention to cupboards, and boxes under the bed.
There is a vast diversity of knitting, crochet, cross-stitch and Tatting material and patterns. Along with various "odds & sods". One of which was a curiously shaped envelope, addressed to me,
Inside I found the last 3 "Lert" stickers.
Even Alice couldn't remember where they were.


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