Indiana Jones

Went with Son M (home for a week)  to Angley Woods so that he could run round the woods to check the state of the terrain, nettles , brambles, bracken and felling to then plan an orienteering coaching day. I could not join him running round the woods because he goes much too fast so I gave myself the challenge of finding 3 tricky geocaches that have alluded me before. 
1. The clue was too cryptic for my brain- failed
2. This required tree climbing skills that I do not have- failed
3. This cache said that you needed Indiana Jones skills to retrieve it.  The cache is half way along this log. It was much too high to get from underneath so there was no way round it;  I had to shuffle along on my bottom to  retrieve it and sign the logbook. Eagled eyed viewers will be able to see a tiny black container half way across,  that's it. Success. 

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