All Good Things.....

You could have put money on it (and we did......and I lost) that the blipping WiFi would reappear just as we were saying our arrivedercis to Anzio!

There we were soaking up the last sun we'll see for a very long time and Mrs B's mobile goes crazy with e-mail alerts to let us know that Mr WiFi man has finally got it fixed.

We've had a great time in a lovely town, staying in a beautiful apartment overlooking the super Dea Fortuna beach.

The folk were as lovely and friendly as ever and hopefully I'll get to show more from our holiday in some back blips once we're back home.

We leave early tomorrow morning on our journey home; 2 trains, 2 planes and a bicycle made for two await.............see you later.

Arrivederci Anzio, see you again soon :-)))

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