Mercoledì Selvaggio

I was walking along the promenade towards the port minding my own business when I heard a shout from the beach;


Massimo - "Mi scusi signore! "

Me - "Sì, signore, posso aiutare?"

Massimo - "Lo sai che il giorno è?"

Me - "È mercoledì"

Massimo - "Non solo mercoledì, mercoledì selvaggio!"

Me - "Okay, allora. Dategli il tuo meglio “Grrrrrrr” per Cailleach!"


Massimo and the guys - "Grrrrrrrrrrrr........ Grazie mille, signore."




Extras – The smuggling of wild budgies was outlawed by the United Nations in 2011 but despite the worldwide ban we found evidence that the evil practice is still going on unhindered in some parts of Italy.

Poor wee budgies!


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