June Photo - Day 29 - Grass

This year Kent celebrates a 35 year anniversary at his job.  As a result he was able to pick a gift from a catalogue.  Did he pick one of the wall art items?  Jewelry or a mantel clock?  How about a point and shot camera?  No, my husband picked a lawnmower!  

It makes me smile as on his 30th, he picked an Olympus camera and he has never used it.  I used it for a few years until I got comfortable with his Canon Rebel and took it over. :-)

Today my brother came over at 9 am and had me strip his iPod back to the factory settings.  We went through his playlist song by song and deleted the songs he didn't want.  We then downloaded several of the CDs from his collection to add to his play list.

It was then time to load all these songs onto the iPod (5.1 days worth!).  While they were downloading, I drove my brother to the neighbouring town where his truck is parked.  Then I met him at some property he owns.  

He backed that 18 wheeler in that narrow driveway!  See extra.  Mr Millis, who lives across the street, told me that I should be impressed as the trailer was a split axle that makes reversing difficult.  

It was after 3 pm when my brother finally was able to collect his iPod and CDs and head for home.  That meant it was that late when I was finally able to head out to CVS (the chemists) and Hudson's.  

I needed to get more sunscreen to be ready for my week at the lake in two weeks.  Also needed lots more suet blocks for the bird feeder.  Tomorrow is going to be such catch up day.

Second extra is my finger & toes - all ready for July 4th.  :-)

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